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Tow train trailers to master any challenge

A tow train consists of a tow tractor and at least one, but usually multiple, trailers. Tow trains are ideal for transporting varying loads in warehouses or production facilities since they can be made up of very different trailers.

Particularly in just-in-time production, the perfectly timed supply and removal of materials to and from the production machinery is crucial. Traditional forklift trucks are of limited use for such applications since, in most cases, multiple trucks need to be used simultaneously. This would produce greater investment and ongoing costs, while the high traffic volume would also increase the risk of accidents. Tow train trailers represent an effective alternative as the train can service multiple machines consecutively and transport a wide range of goods on different trailers. They also incur lower costs and minimise the amount of traffic in warehouse and production facilities.

One trailer with a multitude of applications

Our tow train trailer allows you to transport a wide variety of loads. However, as many years of experience have shown us, special applications also require special industrial trucks. This applies particularly to tasks in which business-specific transport requirements, unusual goods or complicated spaces prove problematic for our standard trucks. We therefore adapt our trailers to the individual application. This allows us to combine the quality and efficiency of our standard-production trucks with the specific requirements of our customers. This is enabled by the systematic modular design of the entire Jungheinrich range.

The compact and agile E-frame trailers (GTE 106/212/312 E) are also suitable for large and heavy parts – weighing up to 1200 kg – making them ideal for transporting machine parts from your warehouse to the installation location. The parts are carried on pallets (large load carriers), which ensures straightforward loading and flexible use of the trailers. The GTE trailers can be coupled as required to enable loading/unloading from both sides. The central axle ensures excellent directional stability: Even as part of very long trains or in confined spaces, the trailers follow the exact path set by the tow tractor. Drivers can thus travel safely both inside and outside the rack aisle and easily avoid any obstacles. The trailers can be coupled and uncoupled in a flash.

A comprehensive portfolio

It goes without saying that we can also supply compatible tow tractors for your customised trailers, though they can also be used with forklift trucks. In addition, we can deliver complete solutions with integrated warehouse planning, in which the racking and truck operate hand-in-hand as a single, holistic system. These solutions are ideal for fixed, synchronised workflows, such as the supply and removal of materials to and from machinery. The integration of the tow trains in control systems and management programs is particularly beneficial in such cases. Our system consultants will be happy to advise you in this area. We will demonstrate the ways and means available to you for making your production processes leaner and more effective. Jungheinrich delivers everything from a single source: service, products and systems.

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