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Stage ECE 320

Order picker 2.0t

  • 750 mm
  • 2,000 kg
  • Maximum picking performance for loads up to 2000 kg
  • Powerful motor with high acceleration
  • jetPILOT for intuitive operation same as driving a car
  • Efficient and safe picking with scissor lift
  • Semi-automatic remote control easyPILOT (optional)

ECE 320

Our powerful and dynamic ECE 320 low level order picker is the perfect assistant for safe and efficient picking thanks to a lifting load section with scissor lift for two pallets. The ergonomic truck concept coupled with a high technical power level guarantees maximum picking performance and optimum energy efficiency. The highly efficient 3.2 kW motor offers high acceleration and top speed as well as various performance packages for even more picks per hour. The jetPILOT multifunctional steering wheel allows intuitive, comfortable operations and relieves pressure on the neck and spine. An individually adaptable workstation offers optimal all-round visibility and makes working easier thanks to the ideal positioning of all operating elements. The ECE's semi-automatic control provided by a wireless operating unit is ideal for improved picking processes with high performance requirements, making unnecessary journeys a thing of the past.


Using our lithium-ion technology, you will easily outrun the competition: lasting performance, fast charging times and zero maintenance. Choose the full li-ion power with our 6-month satisfaction guarantee as well as our 5-year guarantee on your li-ion battery.


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