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Stacker cranes for miniload warehouses

Top speed in the miniload warehouse 

Our smart Miniloads ensure maximum speed combined with maximum safety in your miniload warehouse. The load handling devices for Miniloads are designed for all kinds of small load carrier and shelf depths, ensuring rapid goods handling. Regardless of how you want to configure your miniload warehouse, the reach systems are optimised for single, double or multiple-depth storage.

Efficient miniload warehouse

Put Jungheinrich Miniloads at the heart of your efficient miniload warehouse and achieve the best possible performance figures. Short access times, high capacity and the best possible use of space are the principles underlying every Jungheinrich Miniload warehouse. This ensures that your miniload warehouse is customised to suit your personal requirements, creating room for extremely space-saving and highly dynamic storage of small parts in containers, boxes or trays. Miniload warehouses can be arranged in single or multiple-unit depths, e.g. as a spare parts, order picking or buffer warehouse, or as a distribution warehouse.

Room height up to 25 m

Your goods can be stored and retrieved in angled or bay shelving, making full use of the room height up to 25 m. The Miniload can be configured for operation in ambient warehouses, or for operation in deepfreeze warehouses at temperatures down to -30°C.

With operating speeds of up to 6 m/s and acceleration of up to 5.3 m/s², our Miniloads keep up the pace on the way to the picking location or the connected conveyor systems. These smart, high-performance devices will run without problems at full capacity in multi-shift operation (24/7). Fully automatic and totally reliable.

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