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More productivity and performance for Jungheinrich’s bestseller
01/10/2021, 08:00

Production commences: More productivity and performance for Jungheinrich’s bestseller

  • Upgrade for Jungheinrich’s battery-powered counterbalanced trucks of series 2 and 3
  • Improved hydraulic performance and safety

Jungheinrich continues to write its success story on battery-powered counterbalanced trucks by relaunching series 2 and 3. The hydraulics, safety and software of the forklift trucks have been comprehensively optimised. Today, the first truck of the new generation left the production line of the Jungheinrich plant in Moosburg headed for the international market. The transition of production to the new generation of trucks took place seamlessly without interrupting operations.

Series 2 and 3 include twelve different truck models. Available as three- or four-wheel models, these forklift trucks can lift loads of 1,300 to 2,000 kg up to 7,000 mm. With a maximum speed of up to 17 km/h, they ensure efficient operations in and outside warehouses.

Through the now completed upgrade, Jungheinrich increased the hydraulic performance of the forklift trucks by up to 20 per cent. This leads to a considerable increase of the maximum handling performance. In the future, the standard truck EFG 320 will be able to handle up to five tonnes more per hour. The new hydraulics also ensure considerably more efficiency and performance when working with special attachments such as telescopic forks, rotating or clamp attachments. At the same time, the energy consumption per handled pallet was reduced by up to ten per cent. “With these new improvements, the forklift trucks of series 2 and 3 do an even better job at meeting the needs of our customers for efficient and sustainable intralogistics. The acceptance is being reflected in the numerous orders received,” says Thomas Angstenberger, product manager for counterbalance trucks at Jungheinrich.

Improved safety thanks to adjusted software

In addition, Jungheinrich increased the operating safety of its counterbalance trucks through the upgrade. A new steering software permanently monitors the drive, work, hydraulics and steering functions. This results in more safety, fewer accidents and increased productivity in the versatile spectrum of operations of the trucks. In addition to the new software, this is also ensured by Jungheinrich’s in-house developed assistance systems and standard safety features such as automated parking brakes. Additional protection from collisions in critical warehouse areas is guaranteed by Jungheinrich zoneCONTROL.

PureEnergy and lithium-ion batteries for energy efficiency

The electric trucks of series 2 and 3 are equipped with state-of-the-art three-phase motors and Jungheinrich’s energy efficient PureEnergy technology concept. Both give the forklift trucks a particularly high degree of efficiency. Furthermore, they are available with progressive lithium-ion technology. The batteries allow for quick and convenient intermediate charging and are therefore ideally suited for multi-shift operations. “The service life of lithium-ion batteries is three times that of conventional energy storage systems. We expect many of our customers to opt for our lithium-ion technology and have adjusted the assembly processes in Moorsburg accordingly. Lithium-ion batteries offer many advantages in day-to-day operations compared to lead-acid batteries – for example less maintenance,” says Thomas Angstenberger.

Comfortable workspaces

A high degree of comfort rounds up the complete package offered by the three- and four-wheel trucks: Both the height and tilt of the steering column as well as the lever and axis assignment of the controls can be individually adjusted to offer an ergonomic work station. Thanks to the compact framework, drivers have an ample range of vision and can constantly keep an eye on their load.

The main difference between series 2 and 3 is in the configuration of the wheels and steering system: While the three-wheel forklifts of series 2 have a double wheel on the rear that gives them manoeuvrability, the four-wheel forklifts of series 3 are equipped with a highly hinged swing axle that ensures more stability on uneven surfaces and when driving over potholes.

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