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Stage LogiMAT 2022
06/09 - 06/09

Your digital experience of Jungheinrich at LogiMAT

If you want to shape the future of intralogistics, you have to find new ways of working. Consider new approaches to intralogistics. Discovering new dimensions. This is what we do at Jungheinrich with great passion. See the results at our digital event on 9 June or at LogiMAT in Stuttgart.

New Dimension in Intralogistics

Experience the latest innovations in automation, digitalisation and e-mobility. In our online sessions and virtual showroom, we will demonstrate the advantages of our mobile robots, our POWERLiNE trucks with integrated Li-ion batteries and digitally networked intralogistics — solutions for manual warehouses, semi-automated warehouses or fully automated warehouses.  

As a special highlight, we have a sensational product launch that is about to change space and time. Is your warehouse ready for a new dimension in efficiency?

We want to make your intralogistics more efficient and sustainable. Attend our online event where you can get advice from our team of experts in a live chat.  Based on our comprehensive process knowledge, we can develop an intralogistics system that is tailored to your needs. We look forward to seeing you. 

Your digital experience of Jungheinrich at LogiMAT

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Jungheinrich attends LogiMAT in Stuttgart

Are you thinking of coming along to LogiMAT? From 31 May to 2 June, visitors to the trade fair in Stuttgart can find us in Hall 9, Stand B05. Take advantage of this opportunity to speak to one of our specialist advisors and get comprehensive advice on how we can future-proof your intralogistics environment.  

LogiMAT 2022 - Efficiency

New Dimension in Efficiency

New. Exclusive. Extraordinary.

Is your warehouse reaching its capacity limits? Is the time and cost pressure constantly increasing? Is the number of returned goods increasing? Or is managing your warehouse on paper no longer feasible?

Jungheinrich has the solution: We are changing space and time! How do we plan to do that? All will be revealed on the very first day of LogiMAT and at our virtual event. Experience the biggest Jungheinrich product launch of all time. 

We are opening up a new dimension in efficiency for your warehouse. Because, in this era of e-commerce and just-in-time delivery, nothing is more important than efficiency when it comes to boosting your profitability, competitiveness and business success.

LogiMAT 2022 - Automation

New Dimension in Automation

Efficient. Cost-effective. Flexible.

Automation sets your warehouse on a course for future success — and Jungheinrich is the perfect partner to help you on your way. We will be presenting our extensive range of automatic storage systems and mobile robots under the banner "New Dimension in Automation". With the recent expansion of our Automated Guided Vehicle System (AGVS) portfolio to include the arculee Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR), we now cover an even broader range of applications: Whether you are carrying out low-lift or high-lift tasks, VNA storage, floor-to-floor transport, hauling, underload transport or robotics-to-goods applications, our automated vehicles and robots can make any warehouse more efficient and economical.

You can see the results for yourself in our showcases: Discover the SOTO robot (robotics-to-goods) from our partner Magazino, our EKS 215a Automated Guided Vehicle (high lift), which has been nominated for the IFOY Award, plus the newest addition to the Jungheinrich portfolio: the AMR arculee from arculus (underload transport).


New Dimension in E-Mobility

Sustainable. Economical. Pioneering.

Lithium-ion technology is revolutionising intralogistics with reliably high performance and reduced energy consumption. Li-ion batteries also boast fast charging times and zero maintenance. And by generating around 21per cent less CO2 than lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion technology makes a valuable contribution to sustainability. 

As the only one-stop supplier of lithium-ion technology for the intralogistics sector, Jungheinrich is a pioneer in its field. And, Jungheinrich has once again set a new standard in the industry with its integrated lithium-ion battery that significantly reduces truck dimensions while at the same time increases comfort and safety for employees. The "POWERLiNE" trucks more than live up to their name. What's more, these trucks are completely CO2-neutral up until delivery.

In our virtual showroom, you will find numerous lithium-ion trucks such as the ERD 220i electric stacker truck, which was nominated for the IFOY Award, and the EREi electric low-lift truck. Talk to one of our experts and we will help you navigate every step of this new dimension in e-mobility — from planning to implementation.

LogiMAT 2022 - Digitalisierung

New Dimension in Digitalisation

Smart. Transparent. Resource-saving.

Intralogistics is becoming increasingly complex and dynamic. In order to keep pace, warehouses need to change. They have to become faster, more flexible, more transparent — in other words more digitalised. Companies can only remain competitive by networking all internal processes and digitally controlling the flow of materials and goods. Digitalised warehouse systems from Jungheinrich enable a quick response to changes, the perfect coordination of individual processes and the optimal use of resources.

Our team of experts are delighted to present Jungheinrich's new dimension in digitalisation at our online event: Get individual advice and find out everything you need to know about smart products such as the Jungheinrich WMS, the Jungheinrich FMS fleet management system, the award-winning Jungheinrich Logistics Interface or our digital assistance systems.

Meet our brand ambassador Nico Rosberg on 31 May in Stuttgart and at our virtual event on 9 June

Portrait Nico Rosberg

"Jungheinrich and I have a common goal to make the world more sustainable through e-mobility and smart technologies"

Explore all dimensions of intralogistics from Jungheinrich 

About LogiMAT

LogiMAT is an international trade fair for intralogistics solutions and process management. 

The trade fair offers a complete market overview of all aspects of the intralogistics industry, from procurement to production to delivery. International exhibitors showcase innovative technologies, products, systems and solutions for the rationalisation, process optimisation and cost reduction of internal logistics processes.

"Your digital experience of Jungheinrich at LogiMAT" presents all of Jungheinrich's highlights from the trade fair online on 9 June, as well as web sessions, a virtual showroom and expert advice. 

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