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We have more than 30 Apprentices here at Jungheinrich UK in schemes that cover Engineering, Credit Control, Taxation Professional, L&D Practitioner, Business Administration to name just a few. There's a range of qualification levels too, starting at Level 2 through to Level 7, which is equivalent to a Master Degree!

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Apprentice Interviews:

Elliott Tickle
Apprentice Engineer
Lift truck maintenance and repair

How are you finding the Apprenticeship programme? I am now several months into my 2nd year as an engineering apprentice with Jungheinrich. I can safely say that I am enjoying my time here as an apprentice far more than any of my previous jobs.
What is something you achieved in 2020 that makes you proud? As I did not have a great deal of experience within engineering or mechanics coming into this job, It was a very new environment for me to come into. By the end of 2020, my knowledge of lift trucks and engineering as a whole had increased drastically. I am still new to the industry and have a lot more to learn, but the progress I made last year was something that makes me proud.
What do you want to achieve in 2021? I want to carry on progressing and expanding my knowledge in relation to lift truck equipment and engineering as a whole.
How are you going to ensure you achieve these goals? I will keep working hard and develop my knowledge and interest in the operation of this company.
What or who motivates/inspires you? My family, friends and work colleagues motivate/inspire me every day to keep working hard.
Would you recommend an Apprenticeship at Jungheinrich to someone? I would absolutely recommend an engineering apprenticeship with Jungheinrich to someone. Although I do not have any first-hand experience in other areas of the company, I would still recommend apprenticeships outside of Engineering simply because of the quality of the training that the company offers.
What is your favourite thing about your journey? Meeting all of the great people across the company.

Miles Newton
Apprentice Engineer
Lift truck maintenance and repair

How are you finding the Apprenticeship programme? I am finding this programme interesting and challenging at the same time, every day is different.  
What is something you achieved in 2020 that makes you proud? What I have been most proud of during 2020 was my exam results during my two week blocks, I really studied hard and it payed off at the end.
What do you want to achieve in 2021? This year will mark the end of the second year of my Apprenticeship and I hope to strive for a good pass result on level 2 completion.
How are you going to ensure you achieve these goals? I will keep my focus and always try my best in every situation.
What or who motivates/inspires you? What inspires me most is having chosen to do this apprenticeship at an older age than most, I finally found what I enjoy doing and realise how important this is.
Would you recommend an Apprenticeship at Jungheinrich to someone? I would absolutely recommend this company for any apprenticeship programme they offer and highly encourage anyone considering it to go for it, as I did!   
What is your favourite thing about your journey? My favourite thing about this journey was meeting my fellow colleagues at the start of this apprenticeship and all of us going through this together.

Kieran Loveridge
Apprentice Engineer
Lift truck maintenance and repair

How are you finding the Apprenticeship programme? It's great, I am covering more in-depth subjects at college and I can apply what I learn when I am in the workplace.
What do you want to achieve in 2021? Something I want to achieve in 2021 is to complete my level 2 course and move onto level 3.
How are you going to ensure you achieve these goals? I will achieve these goals by learning all the information I can whether it is from college or the workplace.
What or who motivates/inspires you? My partner and my family motivate me. They encourage me to be better and do the best I can.
Would you recommend an Apprenticeship at Jungheinrich to someone? Yes definitely 100%. Throughout my apprenticeship, everyone I've met has been so helpful and supportive during my training. If I have any questions or any queries, my manager will help and find a solution that works.
What is your favourite thing about your journey? My favourite thing about the journey I am on is meeting new people, especially the other apprentices who are on the same programme. It is nice to have people to speak to who can relate to my experience.

Mason Taylor
Apprentice Engineer
Lift truck and Powered Access Engineering Technician Level 3

What is something you achieved in 2020 that makes you proud? I am very proud to have had an interview at jungheinrich and even more ecstatic to have gotten the position as an apprentice, the opportunity is incredible.
What do you want to achieve in 2021? I would like to achieve a pass in all upcoming assessments either from the college or at work. I would also like to grow my understanding of the role by this time next year.
How are you going to ensure you achieve these goals? I am going to commit myself fully to all upcoming tasks and challenges.
What or who motivates/inspires you? My friends who have all gone through apprenticeships of their own inspire me, they have developed personally and professionally a lot over their own personal journeys. As a close friend of theirs, their growth was obvious to me and this is something I am looking to achieve myself.

Ed Hart
Apprentice Engineer
Lift truck and Powered Access Engineering Technician Level 3

What is something you achieved in 2020 that makes you proud? I am proud of finding a new job with Jungheinrich.
What do you want to achieve in 2021? I would like to increase my knowledge and understanding of fork lift truck maintenance
How are you going to ensure you achieve these goals? I will always keep a positive attitude while working, ensuring I follow all guidance to learning about the job.
What or who motivates/inspires you? Making sure I have good future prospects inspires me

Roman Gora
Apprentice Engineer
Lift truck and Powered Access Engineering Technician Level 3

What is something you achieved in 2020 that makes you proud? Something that makes me proud is the fact I worked throughout the pandemic whilst many people were on furlough, I worked at M&S helping ‘feed the nation’ and in doing that it made me feel a sense of pride.
What do you want to achieve in 2021? My main achievement of 2021 is to be successful with my apprenticeship and to be able to learn everything that I need to know.
How are you going to ensure you achieve these goals? I am going to work hard and focus on the workload to make sure I can complete everything and learn as much as I can.
What or who motivates/inspires you? I would say my Dad inspires me as he is an engineer and to see him being able to fix most things that break, it just inspired me to be able to do these sorts of things as well. I would say my girlfriend is a great source of motivation, she always pushes me to achieve my goals and is very supportive of my efforts.

Joshua Riddaway
Junior Financial Analyst
CIMA Level 7 Professional Accounting Technician

How are you finding the Apprenticeship programme? Yes, the apprenticeship is going really well. Working from home full time took some getting used to, and it delayed part of my study, but everything is back on track now.
What is something you achieved in 2020 that makes you proud? Completed Certificate Level of CIMA qualification. Covid brought along a lot of obstacles, from tuition changing from classroom to online learning half way through, to an exam being cancelled 2 days before I was due to take it and a lot of adaptation was required. I still managed to pass all exams first time and can now move onto the next level of the qualification in 2021.
What do you want to achieve in 2021? In 2021, I plan to progress through the CIMA qualification, with a minimum requirement of completing the Operational level. I also want to develop my commercial management skills, taking on more responsibility within my job role.
How are you going to ensure you achieve these goals? I have planned my route through the level and tuition commenced earlier this year. With the right preparation, I am confident that I will not have any trouble passing the exams. In terms of work goals, I am taking on more responsibility all the time and my skills can also develop by using what I learn within tuition.
What or who motivates/inspires you? My main motivation is the end goal. Whenever I feel like it is hard work and feel I do not have much free time at that moment, I remember that it is only a short-term sacrifice and the reward at the end is worth it.
Would you recommend an Apprenticeship at Jungheinrich to someone? Yes, I have a lot of support around me, here at Jungheinrich. You can really give the apprenticeship as much time and attention as you feel it deserves, alongside developing the skills required for your job role.
What is your favourite thing about your journey? This is a unique time to enrol on an apprenticeship. Within the first 15months, I have faced many obstacles and I believe it has helped me develop skills, which I would not have had the opportunity to develop this early on.


About Our Apprentices

In the next few paragraphs, you'll be able to read about some of our apprentices and their experiences of working alongside our team in various departments within our organisation.

Kieran Loveridge
Apprentice Engineer

Hi, my name is Kieran Loveridge. I am 21 years old and I joined Jungheinrich as an apprentice in September 2019. I am one of nine engineering apprentices this year awarded with a place on the 3-year program with Jungheinrich. In my spare time outside of work, I play for my local rugby team and have done so since 2009,  I'm now a regular on the first team. 

I applied for an apprenticeship because I knew I could learn on the job, attend college and have a wage all at the same time. I didn’t feel that going to university would offer me a similar opportunity. I have learnt so much from the apprenticeship already, I did not think it was possible but the environment that Jungheinrich has created, makes it. I have a great mentor who is teaching and showing me everything I need to know. Everyone I have met in the company has been genuine and willing to help me if I need anything. Once my apprenticeship is complete I hope to continue as a long-term employee of Jungheinrich and one day reach supervisor or even higher.  I would recommend an apprenticeship to anyone. The best thing I have done so far.

Marc Avery
Apprentice field service engineer (year 3)

In 2017 I moved over to England from Germany. I have already completed an apprenticeship in retail back in Germany, but I quickly discovered that it wasn’t right for me and I needed a new challenge. To start a new apprenticeship in Germany at my age back then was quite difficult, so I decided to move to my dad’s in sunny St. Helens to apply for the role I am in now. In my free time, I like to spend time working on my car (I have just recently bought a MK5 Golf GTI), cleaning it, servicing it and the odd repair. I try to go over to Germany as much as I can to see my family and friends, sometimes I take my own car or get a plane and hire a car (no speed limits on the German motorway).

I decided to do another apprenticeship because you actually get first-class training from experienced engineers, managers and tutors at college. They want you to understand what you are doing, and they do their best to make sure you do, and go home after the 3 years with your qualification and see you make great progress in your job role. I am now in my last year of the apprenticeship and it’s amazing how much I have learned during these years and how much of it has helped me in my everyday life. I am now able to carry out repairs on my own car which I didn’t feel comfortable doing before. I absolutely love my job, it was the best decision I have made to start this apprenticeship. Once it’s complete I hope to gain my qualification and get out there and put all my practice into action and show my colleagues and managers what I have learned, and maybe even climb up the career ladder and gain even more experience in the years to come.

Louise Chappell
Level 3 Credit Control Apprentice.

In my spare time, I don‘t like to sit about doing nothing. I enjoy baking, chocolate brownies are my speciality. I also enjoy running (to burn off the cakes), last year I completed the Great North Run. My challenge for next year is to cycle London to Brighton. While this year I am currently learning to ski — advice and tips welcome!

I previously worked for a powered access and hire company as an Accounts Administrator. Looking to further my career in finance, I found a great opportunity with Jungheinrich. My current goal is to achieve my Level 3 CICM in Credit Control. Long term I would like to work my way up in the Credit Control Department and further my qualification.

Miles Newton
Apprentice engineer with Jungheinrich

During my spare time, I enjoy seeing friends and most importantly spending time with my family. I currently play for a football team and enjoy going to the gym. I have been lucky enough to travel to various places around the world and relish the opportunity to explore new countries when the chance arises.

I have always been interested in becoming an engineer. Jungheinrich supported me in taking this leap and are a company I firmly believe in. It is by far the best decision I have made in my career – I am excited to see what the future at Jungheinrich will bring.

Aaron Reid
Apprentice Engineer with Jungheinrich

Outside of work I play for a local football team, I’ve been with them for 13 years, starting when I was 5. I have played for a few other teams and trained with the coaches of Wigan Athletic for a couple of years. Besides football, I recently started attending the gym in August of last year. However, now that I am 18 most of my time is spent with mates watching football rather than playing.

I applied for an apprenticeship as I wanted to learn through hands-on methods rather than via theory-based education and revision. I found I have always responded better to this approach and working with Jungheinrich is proving that to be the case. My long-term goal is to become a fully qualified engineer within Jungheinrich and move up within the company.

Emily Croxford
Learning and Development Practitioner Apprentice

There’s nothing I like more than travelling and experiencing new cultures, my favourite place that I’ve visited so far has to be Switzerland, it’s got the most beautiful mountains and rivers. Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, going for long countryside walks which always tend to end in a pub somewhere. I like to keep fit and healthy and have recently developed an interest in Muay Thai boxing, I am planning to go to Thailand in February for some first-hand training.

Prior to starting an apprenticeship, I had been working full time since leaving sixth form. While I enjoyed the industry I was in, there was limited guidance on offer and a lack of opportunity for development. I joined the Jungheinrich Apprenticeship scheme in 2019 and it has been the best experience, I have had the chance to work, study and earn money which has been ideal. I am a strong believer that there’s always room to learn more, apprenticeships are great for that as you can start one at any age. Re-entering the world of education has been great fun and I have met loads of amazing people along the way. I have only been in the exciting world of L&D for 4 months, however, I know that it’s a decision I won't regret.

Oliver Legg-Mitchell
Apprentice Engineer

Hello, my name is Oliver Legg-Mitchell. I’m 28 years young and joined the Jungheinrich engineering apprenticeship in September 2019. Outside of work, I’m a huge fan of live music, travel and anything with an engine. If I’m not playing the guitar or doing something to do with cars and bikes, you will find me enjoying a beverage talking about them.

After enjoying my youth as an ambitious musician, I moved into sales, marketing and events management, but I longed for something more rewarding. I decided to change careers and persue something closer to my interests outside of work. I attended Birmingham College studying engineering before progressing to The University of Leeds to study automotive engineering. I really enjoyed the degree but the pressures of working full-time as a mature student was hard going. I did some research and found the Jungheinrich apprenticeship scheme offered all the things I love about engineering whilst enabling me to earn a salary and haven’t looked back.

Since joining Jungheinrich I have had lots of hands-on experience, felt very valued and learnt some more industry-specific knowledge. I’ve had the opportunity to work on a varied fleet whilst also gaining some experience working at a high-end customer in Crewe which was awesome to see the cars being manufactured.

I want to build upon my existing knowledge and take my career within engineering as far as possible. I’m particularly excited about the future of automation within the industry and would like to be heavily involved in the future.

Frances Tebbutt
Field Service Engineer

Throughout my apprenticeship, I’ve gained experience in areas throughout the company. I’ve spent time in the office learning the roles that get us, engineers, to where we should be as well as the Parts and Admin departments. I have also spent time out in the field, which included two very fast-paced sites with a high volume of trucks operating during essential periods such as Christmas etc. This varied kind of work is what I always wanted to do, completing my apprenticeship and becoming a field service engineer is a real personal achievement.

I have developed and built good relationships with customers over the years, throughout and after my apprenticeship, which gave me confidence as they believed in me. Now I have confidence and believe in myself, which I see as a personal achievement because instead of questioning myself of whether I am able or capable, I know I am and I am willing to give everything a go.

Charlie Tait
Site Support Engineer

I chose an engineering apprenticeship at Jungheinrich as I wanted to obtain hands-on skills and secure a qualification that would help me kick start a career. Jungheinrich offered a three-year programme which gave me the opportunity to not only learn and develop but also provided my first employment opportunity. I've gained a huge amount of experience at a global company as a result.

When I passed my Forklift mechanical engineering qualifications, my role changed in that I became a site service engineer at a site in Milton Keynes. This gave me a fantastic opportunity to work with a brilliant company and to run a site, on my own, at the age of 21.

I could never have imagined when I started at Jungheinrich, that four years on; I would be able to say I feel that I am confident in carrying out numerous day-to-day tasks on my own. I believe my achievements are proof that apprenticeships are a great tool for helping people learn new skills and gain experience in the workplace.

Connor Clifford
Site Engineer

I chose this apprenticeship as I had always been fascinated with mechanical and electrical components. In my opinion, apprenticeships were always the way forward as you have the ability to learn and also work day to day in the environment you are gaining qualifications for.

I have developed numerous professional and personal skills throughout my apprenticeship, face to face conversations with customers, dealing with numbers and ICT have all helped me develop. I found out I was dyslexic after years of struggle, to then passed level 2 functional skills in English which I am extremely proud of as I have always struggled and always thought I would never pass. Also completing my apprenticeship was an amazing achievement for me gaining NVQ level 2 & 3 in Forklift maintenance and repair. I believe others can learn from my experiences because when I left school, I struggled academically but I was always good with my hands. When I got my apprenticeship, I have completely changed I no longer struggle academically, I feel when it comes to an apprenticeship it is unrated for what it is and when I talk to my friends about what I do and where I started most of them wished they had the chance I was fortunately given.

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