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Accurate analysis of fleet utilisation

Shipping company Noerpel trusts in our ISM Online fleet management system

Logistics service provider and shipper Noerpel has been working with our ISM Online fleet management system since 2012. The company uses the system's modules to continuously enhance the transparency of its truck fleet.

Utmost transparency and a clear overview

The rental fleet of C.E. Noerpel GmbH, which is based in Ulm and operates throughout Europe, comprises some 200 industrial trucks. Originally founded in 1881, the company now has 1700 staff working at eight different sites and achieves an annual turnover of €280 million. Before introducing our web-based, modular ISM Online system, Noerpel had no overview over its industrial truck fleet, despite the fact that it covers a logistics and handling area amounting to no less than 190,000 square metres.

The requirements for this fleet management system were extensive: transparency over the truck applications, their condition, availability, utilisation and repair costs.

Manuel Krauss
Head of logistics at Noerpel's Ulm site

"By investing in ISM Online and switching our entire fleet to Jungheinrich trucks, we have gained significant economic benefits."

Keeping an eye on 200 trucks with ISM Online

Noerpel opted for our ISM Online information system for its truck management needs. It provides the company with a holistic, web-based solution, characterised by intuitive operation. The system collects and analyses data and thereby raises transparency over fleet data – regardless of the size and complexity of the truck fleet.

Manuel Krauss, head of logistics at the Ulm site, is very positive in his assessment of ISM Online: "Since we began recording our data with the system, our employees have been handling the equipment more responsibly." ISM Online allows every site manager to see which industrial trucks are being used at their site and what repair costs were incurred in the past month. While in use, the trucks transmit the relevant technical data wirelessly to the server, which then combines it with the commercial data.

Since introducing ISM Online, the company has experienced much less damage. Problems are now rarely encountered, and Noerpel can react promptly by having the trucks repaired as soon as possible, thereby minimising consequential damage. Repair costs have been dramatically reduced as a result, and the shipping company has dispensed with the spare trucks it used to keep as backups.

ISM Online features a modular structure. The Basic module provides a multi-site overview of all master and contract data for the industrial trucks and generates reports regarding the number of trucks per site along with their age and the total fleet costs on the reporting date. The Safety module controls the access authorisations, manages operator data and records shocks suffered by the industrial trucks. The employees have to confirm at the trucks that the equipment is in good condition upon handover. The result is that the operators identify with their trucks and take good care of them. The Operating Costs module provides the company with a detailed and transparent breakdown of incurred costs, specifically with regard to invoices, service reports and operating hours of the industrial trucks. The Productivity module allows Noerpel to perform detailed analyses of the fleet utilisation, on which basis it can streamline the use of its trucks and thereby raise overall efficiency.

Enhanced quality, safety and efficiency

Noerpel started with the Basic and Safety modules in 2012 before adding the Operating Costs and Productivity modules at a later stage. Manuel Krauss is very happy with his choice: "Among other things, we can see how many trucks we use in parallel or the maximum number used simultaneously on a single day. On this basis we can decide whether we need to rent additional trucks. This is particularly advantageous since we sometimes require very high throughput rates to cope with the seasonal business of some clients. After all, our customers depend on our deliveries." All in all, he is delighted with the system: "By investing in ISM Online and switching our entire fleet to Jungheinrich trucks, we benefit both from an economical and a quality perspective. Moreover, the safety of our employees is also enhanced."

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