Stage Logistik-Schnittstelle

Jungheinrich middleware

  • The perfect link between the truck and warehouse management system
  • Modular design
  • Simple integration of different technologies in existing software environments
  • No functional changes to the warehouse management system are required
  • Numerous options for linking to a warehouse management system

Jungheinrich Logistics Interface

Various technologies and truck solutions – for example RFID, warehouse navigation – require an exchange of data with the warehouse management system (WMS). However, for the most part, these do not 'communicate' in the same language. The WMS must therefore be adapted to enable communication to take place. With the Jungheinrich Logistics Interface, these adaptations are not normally necessary at all, or only to a very limited degree. This is a specially developed communications link which is installed on the radio data terminal and which takes on the duties of the communications hub as well as ensuring the translation of the information exchanged. This ensures quick and easy integration into existing and new system environments – without functional changes to the WMS.


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