Rent a Jungheinrich 'BlockBuster'!

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Rent a Jungheinrich 'BlockBuster' to avoid the next epic disaster.

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With a nationwide range of around 4000 forklifts ready for you to rent off the shelf at a moments notice, our all-action heroes can be mobilised with just one call and be on-site within a day.

Jungheinrich short term rental means you can hire from a single day to a whole year, so whatever you need lifting or moving, just one call is all it takes to get the ‘blockbusters’ team mobilised and into action!

If you need rapid help in your neighbourhood, who are you going to call?

Rent a Jungheinrich BlockBuster, in your area now! With a complete range of forklifts available for short term rental - including fast nationwide delivery from our network of UK hire depots - we have the right forklift waiting for you, available at a moments notice and delivered immediately to your door. 

If your workloads stacking up and things aren't looking good, who are you going to call?

Rent a Jungheinrich BlockBuster before it’s too late and avoid the next epic disaster. Our all action heroes can save you from potential disaster, with over 60 different truck specifications to choose from, we can provide something to suit every need, indoors and outdoors. 

Jungheinrich BlockBusters!

Jungheinrich Short Term Rental Trucks. In your neighbourhood now.

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