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Jungheinrich offers you the right forklift, pallet truck, stacker truck, order picker or narrow aisle truck for any application. With over 600 different forklifts to choose from you are sure to find what you need for your operation, regardless of the lifting height, surface, or transport distances involved. For more information on our material handling equipment, click on the product group you are interested in.



The right forklift truck for your business depends entirely on your application. The list below provides a brief overview of where each of the different types of forklifts are frequently used:

Pallet truck

Hand pallet trucks or pump trucks are used to manually move pallets over short distances. They can be used inside or over level ground outside. They are the lowest cost option in moving palletized goods.

Electric pedestrian pallet truck

Electric pallet trucks are used in a similar way to hand pallet trucks but relieve any strain on the operator when moving pallets due to an electric motor powering lift and travel. For further operator comfort they are available in stand-on or sit-on models which are useful for warehouse work over longer distances or longer working shifts.

Electric pedestrian pallet stacker

Electric stacker trucks follow the same premise as electric pedestrian pallet trucks but have a mast that allows the forks to be raised in order to deposit or retrieve pallets at height. Depending on how heavy your load, how high you need to lift it and the ground surface you’re working on – these trucks may be an alternative to traditional sit-on forklift trucks.

Counterbalance forklift

Counterbalance forklift trucks are what most people think of when they hear the term ‘fork lift’. They have a counterweight within the rear of the truck to enable heavy loads to be lifted by the forks at the front. They are usually found in three drive types: 

Electric forklift

Electric counterbalance trucks can be used outside but are often selected for shorter transport routes indoors. 

Diesel forklift

Diesel counterbalance trucks follow the same premise as electric counterbalance trucks. They can be used indoors but are often selected for outside work and can also lift heavier loads than the electric option.

Gas forklift

Gas counterbalance trucks are an alternative to diesel counterbalance trucks. They perform the same function but are powered differently. The choice is often down to customer preference.

Reach truck

Reach trucks are electric trucks usually found in warehouses. They are known as narrow aisle trucks as they can operate in narrower aisles than counterbalances and can lift to higher heights. This warehouse specialist truck achieves this using reach mast technology - Jungheinrich’s very own invention. The mast including the forks are pushed forward to grab the load outside the wheel arms. The mast can then be pulled back, so the load can be transported within the vehicle’s frame. This increases the truck’s stability, reduces the necessity of counterbalance weight and consequently allows for a shorter chassis design.

Order picker

Order pickers are used mainly in warehouse operations. Individual items are picked by the operator and placed on a pallet on the forks in preparation to leave the warehouse.

Tow tractor

Tow tractors, like order pickers, are used to pick individual items by the operator. However they can pull roll cages or trailers to carry the picked goods and therefore do not have forks to support pallets.  

VNA truck

Very narrow aisle (VNA) trucks are specialist warehouse trucks that are designed to travel forwards and backwards without the need to turn in the racking aisle. These trucks maximise warehouse space by allowing narrower aisles and higher racking through increased lift heights. They can be guided, can have rotating forks and are available in ‘man-up’ models that are capable of stacking and retrieving pallets as well as enabling the picking of individual items from high up in the racks.

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Product groups

Hand pallet trucks/stackers

Hand pallet trucks/stackers

The numerous models of Jungheinrich hand pallet trucks offer cost-effective solutions for every application. Whether it is simply a hand pallet truck with a 2,200kg capacity, a scissor lift pallet truck or a galvanised part or fully stainless steel model that is required.

Overview of hand pallet trucks/stackers

Electric pedestrian trucks

Electric pedestrian trucks

Jungheinrich low lift trucks provide the perfect solution for every transport distance. Whether it is for short distances solely with pedestrian mode, medium distances with combined pedestrian/rider operation or for long distances with rider operation. Capacities of 1,600 to 3,500 kg offer cost-effective solutions for every application.

Overview of electric pedestrian trucks

Electric pedestrian stackers

Electric pedestrian stackers

Jungheinrich electric stacker trucks provide the perfect solution for every transport distance and lift height. Whether it is for short distances solely with pedestrian mode, medium distances with combined pedestrian/rider operation or for long distances with rider operation. Capacities of 1,600 to 3,000 kg and lift heights up to 5,350 mm offer cost-effective solutions for every application.

Overview of electric pedestrian stackers

Electric counterbalance
forklift trucks

High-performance fork lift trucks with state-of-the-art AC technology and industry leading energy efficiency

Market leading energy efficiency coupled with class leading productivity.

Overview of electric counterbalance forklifts

Diesel forklifts / Gas forklifts
(IC engine counterbalance trucks)

We offer both torque converter and hydrostatic drive types to give you the most complete IC engine counterbalance range lifting up to 9 tonnes in the industry

Move from 1-9 tonnes by gas counterbalance (LPG) or diesel counterbalance trucks.

Overview of engine counterbalance trucks

Reach trucks

1 in 3 reach trucks sold throughout all of europe is a Jungheinrich

Store loads in racking up to 12m high with europes leading reach truck.

Overview of reach trucks

Order pickers

Horizontal and vertical order pickers to suit your every need.

Jungheinrich order pickers are the ergonomic way to maximising your picks per hour.

Overview of order pickers

Tow tractors

Tow tractors towing loads from 1 tonne to 25 tonnes

Jungheinrich tow tractors provide transport solutions for the entire intralogistics chain.

Overview of tow tractors

Tow tractor trailers

Flexible and cost-effective towing solutions

Trailers enable flexible, cost-effective towing for loads up to 1,000 kg per trailer.

Overview of trailers 

High rack stackers (VNA)

Very narrow aisles fork lift trucks to get the very highest productivity out of your warehousing space

Our Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) trucks are the answer for all high rack segments/pick heights.

Overview of high rack stackers

Shuttle / Pallet Carrier

Under Pallet Carrier (UPC) for automated channel racking storage

Carriers travelling independently in the racking channel.

Overview of shuttles / pallet carriers

Special Builds

Bespoke material handling solutions for your unique requirements

Special applications require special forklift trucks. We find the solution for any challenge.

Overview of special builds

Explosion-proof forklifts

Forklift trucks upgraded to endure hazardous applications

We provide explosion protection for almost all types of fork lift trucks.

Overview of explosion-proof forklifts


We offer the right batteries and chargers for your pallet trucks, stackers, order pickers and more.

Overview of batteries and accessories


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