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Jungheinrich. Driven by Safety.

Jungheinrich. Driven by Safety.

Let us drive safety into your warehouse. Can you afford not to?

Jungheinrich are at the forefront of safety technology. It's something we take very seriously - and for good reason:

Forklift trucks are the most common cause of Workplace Transport accidents*

Our engineering team in Germany are dedicated to constantly find ways of improving the safety in your warehouse. It just comes naturally to us...

Safety and stability with a low centre of gravity

Typifying the ingenuity of Jungheinrich’s engineers, young Helmut Westphal was obsessed with safety from an early age.

Helmut was concerned with the importance of a low centre of gravity, a concept he put to good use in developing counterweight designs in the Jungheinrich truck range.

Positioning the centre of gravity extremely low and between the axles means natural balance is achieved without compensating electronics, as some manufacturers do. This inherent awareness of risk and a relentless drive to eradicate accidents is why Jungheinrich and their dedicated team of engineers are at the forefront of safety throughout the supply chain.

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Jungheinrich Red Spot Technology

Red Spot, another leading safety technology developed by the Jungheinrich engineering team, demonstrates how our engineers’ inherent awareness of safety can lead to products that substantially reduce everyday risks.

Young Felix Schulz was experimenting with torch beams long before he joined the ranks of our research and development team, where he fine-tuned his ideas culminating in Red Spot – a simple but effective device that helps reduce accidents and protects personnel at the end of racking aisles and warehouse intersections.

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