Company History

This Jungheinrich time line details the early beginnings of the mechanical engineering company in 1953 right through to the huge service corporation that it has become today.




7th August: 60 years of Jungheinrich
"60 Years of Passion for Logistics".


Spare parts centre in Kaltenkirchen.

Degernpoint plant (near Moosburg).

Qingpu plant (near Shanghai/China).

Foundation stone laid for new Jungheinrich plant for storage and system trucks in Moosburg.

Official turning of the first sod for the new factory of Jungheinrich Lift Truck Manufacturing Co. Ltd. in Qingpu (District Shanghai).

Foundation stone laid for new spare parts centre in Kaltenkirchen.

Start of the mass production of the EJE 112i featuring

lithium-ion technology.


Trial operation of powder coating installation at Norderstedt plant.

Expansion product portfolio: Introduction of „Warehouse-Management-System“ (WMS).

2009Inauguration of Landsberg plant (production of battery-powered low-platform trucks).

New company structure: Roll out of German sales, export sales, Norderstedt plant and Norderstedt spare parts logistics into autonomous limited partnerships.

Inauguration of Spare Parts Logistics Centre Bratislava, Slovakia.

50.000 Jungheinrich 48-Volt electric counterbalance trucks delivered.


Establishment of assembly plant in Qingpu/China.

Establishment of plant for the purpose of refurbishing used forklifts in Dresden/Germany.

Establishment of sales subsidiary in Thailand.

Establishment of sales subsidiary in Ukraine.


100,000 Jungheinrich forklift trucks delivered with AC technology.

Presentation of the world’s first rotating cabin lift truck.


Foundation of market company in China.

Foundation of market company in Finland.

Joint venture with Ningbo Ruyi (P.R. China) for the supply of Jungheinrich hand pallet trucks.

Closure of production plants in Argentan (F), Leighton Buzzard (UK) and Madrid.


Establishment of sales subsidiary in Latvia.

Establishment of sales subsidiary in Lithuania.

August 7th: 50 Years Jungheinrich.

Establishment of sales subsidiary in Russia.


Establishment of sales subsidiary in Brazil.

Inauguration of Spare Parts Logistics Centre Lahr, near Offenburg.


Establishment of sales subsidiary in Ireland.

Jungheinrich and Linde set up the e-commerce company Supralift.


Establishment of sales subsidiary in Singapore.

Establishment of sales subsidiary in Turkey.

Establishment of sales subsidiary in Greece.

Establishment of Jungheinrich Lift Truck Corp., USA.


Introduction of newly developed hand pallet trucks - between 1957 and 1999 nearly 2,500,000 hand pallet trucks had been produced.

October 20th - "100th anniversary" of the founder Dr. F. Jungheinrich.


Establishment of sales subsidiary in Portugal.

Received certificate for Jungheinrich's environmental management standard (DIN ISO 14001).

Developed first reach truck Retrak® ETV 14 for wheel chair drivers.


Received Best Practice Company award in After Sales Service by University of St. Gallen.

Start of series production of AC counterbalance truck EFG-VD 25/30.

As first lift truck manufacturer, Jungheinrich offers all diesel and LPG trucks with alternative hydrostatic or hydrokinetic drive system.

Establishment of sales subsidiary in Slovenia.


Certification of the entire Jungheinrich sales according to ISO DIN 9001.

Establishment of sales subsidiary in Slovakia.

1995World première: first reach truck with central control lever "Multi-Pilot".

ComFOUR concept introduction, i. e. choosing between financing, leasing and rental as financial service for our customers.

Establishment of sales subsidiary in Poland.

Jungheinrich locations Norderstedt, Wandsbek, and Lueneburg obtain certification according to the quality assurance system DIN ISO 9001.

1993New sales centre building in Dresden and opening of the new subsidiary building in Bremen.
1992Establishment of sales subsidiaries in the Czech Republic and Hungary.
1991Market launch of the deep stacking system "Drive-In-System" (DIS).
1990Unification of German companies and transformation into a limited company. "Going public" on 30 August 1990.
1989New building of the Lueneburg factory for special and small-lot production.
1988Consolidation of new product sales, rental and used truck business, repair shop and service division under common management centrally in Germany as well as decentralised in the sales divisions.

With the new Retrak generation Jungheinrich opens new opportunities for reach trucks in relation to space-saving storage.

First time turnover exceeds DM 1 billion with 5,330 employees.

1986Conversion of the Norderstedt manufacturing plant to flow production system.

Paletting/picking systems are delivered for the automation of the order-picking process.

Opening of the Norderstedt assembly factory:
- Central warehouse for production and spare parts
- Computer-controlled powder coating
- Computer-controlled assembly lines for industrial trucks.

1983Completion of delivery programme with IC engine-powered lift trucks for Germany and Austria.

First involvement in the automated lift truck process with the introduction of the automatic swing fork lift truck, the ARS system.

Introduction of the first all-wheel-driven, cantilevered electric three-wheel lift truck worldwide. Thus, Jungheinrich provides an alternative to the rear-wheel driven trucks that are also part of the product range.

New building of the Norderstedt assembly factory.

1979Turnover DM 533 Mio., 58% of which in foreign countries
4,100 employees.
1977Market introduction of the "Delta" racking system.

First use of "driverless transport systems" in the assembly process.

Establishment of sales subsidiary in Belgium.

1974Start of the rental and used-equipment business with its own organisation.
1972Order picking is increasingly gaining importance in the logistic process in warehouses.
Development of order-picking equipment.
1970Establishment of sales subsidiary in Spain.
1969Establishment of sales subsidiary in Norway.

The new high-stacking and narrow-aisle truck ETX significantly improves the utilisation of store house height.

January 28: Dr.-Ing. Friedrich Jungheinrich passed away.

1967Establishment of sales subsidiary in Denmark.
1966Setting the course for the future growth of the corporation through the purchase of building areas and start of the first buildings of the Norderstedt factory.

Establishment of sales subsidiary in the Netherlands.

Establishment of sales subsidiary in the United Kingdom.


Introduction of AGVs with towing facility "Teletrak".

Establishment of sales subsidiary in France.


The first wheel-supported lift truck "Ameise Junior" with tiller steering and starter batteries enables small companies to maximise the advantages of pallet storage.

Establishment of sales subsidiary in Switzerland.


With the opening of the factory in Hamburg-Wandsbek the manufacturing capacity was extended.

Establishment of sales subsidiaries in Italy and Sweden.

First IC engine diesel powered counterbalance truck: Model Ameise 65 DFG 15 G.

1957Laying of the set up stone for the manufacturing facilities in Hamburg-Wandsbek.

The development of the first reach truck "Retrak®" was a milestone for space-saving storage.

Own development and manufacturing of electric motors.

Establishment of the first sales subsidiary outside Germany in Austria.


Establishment of H. Jungheinrich & Co. Maschinenfabrik, Hamburg, on August 7th, 1953.

Introduction of first electric four-wheel lift truck "Ameise 55".

Establishment of own subsidiary and service network: first German depot in Mülheim/Ruhr.

189920th October - birth of founder Friedrich Jungheinrich.
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