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New central warehouse for Wessels + Müller AG

Wessels + Müller AG is one of the most efficient wholesalers in car parts, accessories, tyres, and workshop equipment in Europe. The company provides a wide range of goods for cars, commercial vehicles, and two-wheeled vehicles with over 175,000 catalogued products.

No more opportunities for optimisation were available at the old site in Lotte. A new central warehouse was needed in order to satisfy the company’s ever expanding international presence. This meant that Wessels + Müller is still able to ensure that goods are dispatched on time to their customers.

Day by day, throughout the night

All Wessels + Müller AG sales outlets in Germany, the Netherlands and Austria are supplied daily overnight with goods from the new central warehouse in Hedemünden, Lower Saxony. In order to store the necessary quantities of goods, a nine-aisle automatic turret warehouse with over 40,000 pallet positions, as well as an automatic small parts warehouse (ASW) with 15 aisles and over 140,000 container storage locations was constructed. Automation means that erroneous storage is avoided and there is a high degree of process security. Goods receipt, automatic warehouse areas, order picking zones and dispatch are connected with each other via a complex and extremely powerful conveyor system. The logistics centre also has a manually-controlled wide-aisle and narrow-aisle warehouse.

All technical intralogistics as well as the whole software and IT for the warehouse came from us. These included the visual hints, via which the process security in order picking within the automatic small parts warehouse was optimised. The Pick-by-Light function uses a laser dot to identify the source container in the relevant sector from which the operator should pick. The Put-to-Light function then indicates the target container by means of a signal light.

High level of transparency and cost control

This is all supplemented with an amended “Empties management” module, enabling a greater level of transparency and cost control for empties. As our different products are ideally coordinated with each other, this enables processes to run smoothly in the warehouse.

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