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Efficient warehouse logistics with our ASW system

Intralogistics solution powers growth of Martin Hartl Elektro-Fachgroßhandel

In response to the ever-growing range in electronics, Martin Hartl Elektro-Fachgroßhandel has invested in a complete intralogistics solution from ourselves. The core is an automatic small parts warehouse (ASW) as well as our Warehouse Management System (WMS).

Automatic small parts warehouses are primarily for the storage of large numbers of small parts in limited quantities per item while meeting high throughput requirements. Four items of rack operating equipment store and retrieve the containers in four aisles double-deep in Hartl’s new automatic small parts warehouse. The benefits of automatic small parts warehouses, in CEO Martin Hartl’s opinion, is that the goods are always readily accessible with few staff whilst also being protected from unauthorised parties. A further benefit of the automatic small parts warehouse: Errors during stacking and retrieval have almost been eradicated.

The six workstations set up in the apron zone of the automatic small parts warehouse can be used for goods receipt and goods outward as well as order picking. The container handling system that links these positions with the automatic small parts warehouse and the consolidation zone is designed for both transportation of small load carriers as well as for cartons. This means there is no need to invest in a second conveyor system.

The Warehouse Management System (WMS) installed by Jungheinrich communicates with the Hartl enterprise resource management system. All automatic and manual goods flows are co-ordinated by WMS. The throughput is currently around 5,000 picks per day, of which around 70 percent are in the automated small parts warehouse.

Eight of our fork lift trucks are used in the manual warehouses - reach trucks, second level order pickers, and electric pedestrian-controlled trucks, the movements of which are optimised in the WMS via an integrated stacker control system. The storage areas are equipped with bar codes.

Martin Hartl
Owner of Martin Hartl Elektro-Fachgroßhandel

“Despite lower costs we are now more productive. In addition, the WMS plays a significant role in that the error rate is close to zero.”

Increased productivity, reduced error rate

Martin Hartl is extremely satisfied with the overall solution, which was realised within a year. He expects, in general, an amortisation period of six to eight years. Productivity has increased dramatically, the error rate has fallen noticeably, and staff are considerably less stressed. We have created a basis where growth can be generated without additional personnel. We’re already in the position where we can serve more customers without tying down more staff resources. Martin Hartl continues: “Working conditions are made considerably easier. In addition, the WMS is very user-friendly for operators in the warehouse. Ultimately we have created a foundation as a medium-sized company to offer a product range and availability that is equal to that offered by large companies that trade internationally.”

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