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Central warehouse for pallets and trays

Automatic high-bay warehouse for Austrian company EGLO Leuchten GmbH

As general contractor, we set up an automatic high-bay warehouse for EGLO Leuchten in Hungary with storage locations for Euro pallets and trays. The challenge: Our overall logistics solution needed to link together a wide range of functions.

Skilled project team for overall logistics solutions

Founded in 1969, Austrian company EGLO Leuchten GmbH is one of Europe's leading producers of decorative interior lighting. Its customers are primarily DIY stores, furniture shops, specialist lighting retailers, retail chains and mail-order companies. The hubs for throughput in Europe are the logistics centres in Austria, the Netherlands and Hungary. At its Pásztó site in Hungary, the company wanted to add an automatic high-bay warehouse to the manual narrow-aisle warehouse. The aim was to ensure high availability of goods and timely deliveries combined with increased throughput and performance.

Our international project team at the Moosburg site worked in close co-operation with both companies in Austria and Hungary to come up with a detailed concept within three weeks – and won the order. The solution that we proposed saw us as general contractor setting up the automatic high-bay warehouse, equipping it with warehouse control, connecting this to the existing warehouse management system and taking on maintenance.

Mix of pallet and tray storage

Over 4300 square metres in size, the warehouse complex entered operation in the summer of 2006. With six aisles and over 10,000 spaces for Euro pallets, an automatic small-parts warehouse designed as a single aisle tray warehouse and around 7500 storage locations, the capacity bottlenecks previously encountered are a thing of the past. The solution also offers great flexibility as it allows access to all goods at any time, the goods being stored chaotically in both areas.

The pallet warehouse has two stacker cranes with cornering capability and a lift height of 24 metres operating on nine levels. They are equipped with telescopic forks and each have a capacity of 800 kilogrammes. The location assignment process ensures even distribution to prevent the base from being placed under any uneven strain. This storage area achieves an output of 43 double cycles per hour.

The stacker crane in the small-parts warehouse can pick up one or two trays at 36 levels within a cycle and can hold a load of up to 125 kilogrammes. It can achieve up to 93 double cycles in an hour. Space has been left between the racks of the two storage areas so that EGLO Leuchten can expand in the future.

Both storage areas are connected to a multi-level structural steel platform on which order picking takes place. The platform connects both automatic storage areas to a three-tier dispatch and picking hall that serves as the loading area for stacking and retrieval for both the automatic high-bay warehouse and the manual narrow-aisle warehouse. Intelligent control has also resulted in more efficient pallet handling in the loading area.

Combining various functions in a highly flexible solution

The greatest challenge posed by the project was to seamlessly link together a complex network of many different functions, co-ordinating a corresponding number of interfaces. The pressure was really on time-wise. However, we were able to complete the order to the customer's complete satisfaction – and once again demonstrate that we can put together skilled international teams for overall logistics solutions.

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