Stage Automatisierung


The pinnacle of intralogistics

Increase the profitability of your logistics system with automation – be it on the basis of smart AGVs or by means of a storage system with a level of automation that suits your requirements. You benefit from a future-proof solution with greater process reliability and enhanced performance.

Enhanced warehouse quality with automation

The world of logistics is facing great challenges: In these times of digitalisation and individualisation, order quantities are shrinking while order cycles and delivery times are getting ever shorter. When it comes to your material flow, speed and safety have never been more important. Partial or complete automation of your storage systems and materials handling technology, and corresponding adaptation of your warehouse processes, represents an effective solution to this challenge.

We offer a wide range of automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and automatic conveyor systems, which are particularly well suited for routine tasks. We tailor these solutions to your requirements, while our extensive experience ensures absolute process reliability. Whatever products you opt for, automated intralogistics systems offer you a number of benefits: On the basis of its standard trucks or automated systems, Jungheinrich covers the entire spectrum, ranging from partial to full automation. In all cases, the focus is on greater throughput, faster goods movement and optimised interaction between man and machine, with round-the-clock operation also possible where necessary. Humans and machines work in perfect harmony and the utmost safety at all times. At Jungheinrich, safety always comes first. Even mixed operation of AGVs and manual trucks is possible thanks to comprehensive networking and extensive safety technology.

Optimised productivity with automation

Whatever automation solution you choose, you will always enjoy a significant boost to your goods movements, while also benefiting from consistently higher quality and reliability. This allows your employees to focus on their core tasks, ensuring optimum productivity. One of the biggest advantages of automation solutions is that the possibility of accidental picks or errors is all but excluded. The resulting increase in process reliability has a direct impact on your efficiency, which is ultimately reflected in your balance sheet.

Automation solutions: Ever-ready thanks to 24/7 Service

At Jungheinrich, automation-based process reliability goes hand-in-hand with high-quality service. Among other things, this includes guaranteed round-the-clock availability, which we safeguard by means of our comprehensive support service for logistics systems with on-site assistance. When automation solutions are tailored to your requirements and function reliably as part of your business model, they not only raise customer satisfaction but also effectively pay for themselves: The scalability means that your investments are protected, and you are thus well equipped to face any challenges the future may bring. Ultimately, a cost-effective automation solution guarantees a rapid return on investment (ROI). Let us advise you on which automation solution is best suited to your requirements and will deliver your medium or long-term goals.

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