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Intelligence as standard

When optimising your processes, we can support you with pioneering logistics software. Jungheinrich provides IT solutions for a wide range of applications in the area of digital truck and warehouse technology. This allows you to boost your productivity while enjoying maximum transparency.

Highly intelligent and fully customisable: The Jungheinrich WMS

Our warehouse management system, the Jungheinrich WMS, is where everything comes together: With intelligent management, the Jungheinrich WMS controls and optimises warehouses of all sizes and complexities. This results in optimum processes and a virtually zero percent error rate. Thanks to a range of different modules, the warehouse management system can be configured to suit the exact requirements of your manual, partially or fully automated warehouse. In the case of changes to your warehouse, the flexible software can be adapted accordingly. In addition, the Jungheinrich WMS offers unique forward compatibility to ensure that your warehouse management system can be updated any time in the future.

The IoT connector for your warehouse: The Jungheinrich Logistics Interface

When multiple manufacturers and technologies come together, effective information exchange is absolutely essential. The fact that the various systems often do not speak the same language becomes clear when they fail to operate and communicate with the warehouse management system. More than ten years ago, we addressed this issue by creating the multi-award-winning Jungheinrich Logistics Interface as an intelligent middleware solution that is ready for use without any additional programming. This interface software – which effectively acts as an interpreter between the trucks, warehouse equipment and IT – links individual products to form intelligent systems, thereby enabling a synchronised flow of materials and information. You can thus welcome Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT) to your warehouse. The solution has been well received not just by customers but also by industry experts: In 2016, the Jungheinrich Logistics Interface received the "Product Oscar" in the Material Flow category at the Best of Industry Awards.

Process expertise for well co-ordinated warehouse management

Comprehensive management of a logistics system requires effective interplay between various different components. For this purpose, we provide fully integrated IT solutions, which cover everything from the ERP interface to the mechanical level. Our comprehensive product range thus provides you with effective, reliable support for the digitalisation and management of your warehouse processes. This includes both the Jungheinrich Logistics Interface as well as simple, standardised warehouse management on the part of the Jungheinrich WMS Series 2. You also have access to complex solutions such as the intelligent, fully featured Jungheinrich WMS or fully integrated SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM). And if you should ever have any questions, our support experts are there to help 24 hours a day, all year round.

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