Stage Automatische Förderzeuge

Automated transport

Changing customer requirements with same or next-day delivery is proving increasingly challenging when it comes to the speed and safety of your material flow. The answer: automatic transport.

Optimise your goods turnover with automation

With partial or complete automation of your storage systems and materials handling technology, along with corresponding adaptation of your warehouse processes, you can really optimise your goods turnover in many logistical areas. Our range of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) and our intelligent small part or pallet conveyor systems are designed to deliver greater throughput performance combined with maximum flexibility. And they do so automatically, with utmost reliability and process stability. We not only provide the necessary technology for this, but also possess the expertise required to analyse the current processes in your material flow, identify improvement potential and devise optimised strategies to suit your individual requirements. In doing so, we never lose sight of the future development of your business.

Flexible, safe and efficient: Automated guided vehicles

Automatic transport is particularly well suited for regularly recurring transport tasks with high throughput quantities. Automatic trucks, also known as Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), employ laser navigation to transport goods from A to B fully automatically and can be used safely in mixed operation. They are controlled by our intelligent Jungheinrich WMS or your own warehouse management system. Automatic transport solutions offer a number of benefits: They can be used in multi-shift operation at any time, even on a 24/7 basis. In addition, they ensure maximum repeat accuracy and greatly reduce error rates while also avoiding damage to goods and surrounding areas.

Automatic trucks and automatic materials handling technology as a single system

Automated Guided Vehicles and automatic materials handling technology combine to form a perfectly co-ordinated system becoming the beating heart of your transport solution. It adapts to your individual applications with maximum efficiency and unwavering accuracy. The payoff is significant: Automation allows you to implement a safe and efficient solution for transporting goods and materials between the various storage and production areas on your premises. Regardless of what you are transporting – be it pallets, boxes or containers – and whatever size these may be, we will always provide you with the perfect automatic transport solution for your needs. We do so by using a variety of equipment, such as roller, belt or chain conveyors, shuttle cars, lift tables, turntables or belt lifts. Whatever your requirements may be, our ultimate aim is to simplify your processes and optimise your material flow.

Automated guided vehicles: Tailored efficiency

Everything you need for perfect working and production environments: Our automated guided vehicles represent the ideal means of optimising your processes. Be it as a stand-alone or networked solution, our systems will help you to save both time and costs.

Re-energise your transport procedures

Enjoy safe, efficient and space-saving goods and material transport: Our materials handling technology will breathe new life into your processes, while using minimal space and delivering maximum speed for your pallet and container transport.

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