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An operator who is trained in accordance with the requirements of their trade association contributes to operational safety and uses their truck efficiently. The direct way to ensure qualified training and compliance with all legislation and regulations is with Jungheinrich operator training, successful completion of which results in a driver’s licence.

For information on the content and dates of our operator training courses, contact your Jungheinrich subsidiary directly.

The Jungheinrich operator training courses take place at our subsidiary or, on request, at your company premises.

Two-day training course (for beginners)

The training covers 20 learning units of 45 minutes each. 10 units are devoted to the theoretical part (1st training day and 10 units to the practical part (2nd training day).

Goals and topics

  • Careful driving and avoiding accidents
  • Increasing efficiency and reducing operating costs
  • Handling goods and trucks with care
  • Occupational health and safety regulations
  • Operating the truck in accordance with road traffic regulations
  • Lever rules/Capacity Attachments
  • Truck and battery maintenance

One-day training course (operators with experience)

This training course is aimed solely at operators who have experience in handling fork lift trucks.

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