Winter Pack

Jungheinrich Winter Pack

Keep moving - Stay safe

With ever increasing harsh winters, snow removal has become a priority for all responsible businesses. Jungheinrich can offer a reliable and inexpensive solution to ensure your car parks and surrounding areas are kept clear and safe.

Using only high grade galvanised steel our Winter Pack consists of fork mounted Snow Ploughs and a tow-along Gritter – an easy to use and effective method for the treatment and clearance of ice and snow.

Snow Plough

Fork Mounted Snow Plough
  • Produced from the finest quality galvanised steel with zinc plated screws for safe and easy attachment to your Forklift Truck.
  • Specially designed to clear both freshly fallen and compact snow. Invaluable for use in car parks, access roads and service roads and is an ideal yard scraper out of the winter months.

From £553*

Fork Mounted Snow Plough Prices
  • Comes complete with rubber wear strip (replacement rubber blades available on request).

  • Available in a variety of widths giving exceptional performance with great quality at competitive prices.

  • Maximum fork blade size 150x50.

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Mini Towable Gritter

Mini Towable Gritter
  • 190 litre capacity.
  • Hooks onto the towing eye of a Counterbalance Fork Lift Truck and spreads salt grit via a worm drive, driven by axle wheels.

Only £499*

Mini Towable Gritter Price
  • Flow of grit regulated to ensure economical usage.

  • Agitator in base of hopper minimises blockages.

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Pedestrian Gritter

Pedestrian Gritter
  • Useful for smaller, hard to get to pedestrian areas or for quick use on ice spots.
  • 50kg capacity.

Only £155*

Pedestrian Gritter Price
  • Large pneumatic tyres for easy movement.

  • Non corrosive hopper.

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Fork Lift Attachments

Fork Lift Attachments
  • We also supply an extensive range of Attachments for both outdoor and indoor maintenance, including Adjustable Snow Ploughs, Fork Extensions, Multi Purpose Scoops, Fork Mounted Sweepers and Drum Lifters.

Fork Lift Attachments
  • We are happy to provide detailed information and advice on all our Attachments, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

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* Prices include delivery to UK mainland and exclude VAT

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