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Maximum battery performance and durability

Stationary chargers

Find the suitable charger for your batteries. 

Maximum battery performance and durability

Our chargers make for an adequate solution to the economical recharging of wet batteries as well as maintenance-free batteries – whether in single, two or three-shift operation, for light or heavy loads, with or without intermediate charging. This equally applies to 3-phase AC as well as single-phase networks. We provide you with the perfect charger for practically any charging curve, any battery periphery and any battery type. For maximum battery lifecycles and performance.
The Jungheinrich high-frequency charger SLH 090 and our charger SLT 100 with transformer technology are suited for any 24, 48 and 80 volts applications. For the SLH 090 65 in particular, various types of chargers (power classes) and 15 different options are available, while the SLT 100 can be ordered with 19 optional features for 29 different types of chargers. 

Optional electrolyte circulation

Without the optional electrolyte circulation (EUW), various layers of acid form inside the battery. This leads to an increased acid density in some lead plates and, thus, to increased aging. EUW causes the mixing of the liquid electrolyte, thereby preventing the formation of acid layers. The uniform density and the resulting amount of available energy protect the lead plates. 

Chargers with automatic equalizing charge 

The chargers SLH 090 and SLT 100 both come with an automatic equalization charge: Each of the dozens of battery cells including the positive and negative electrodes of each cell is fully charged. As a result, the batteries reach their optimum condition with respect to the homogeneous electrolyte density and the identical charge state in all sections of the electrode as well as the microstructure.

Automatic trickle charging

If an electric vehicle is connected to the charger for too long after charging is complete, self-discharge of the battery can occur. To prevent this, the automatic trickle charge system of our chargers SLH 090 and SLT 100 periodically sets off short charging impulses. Result: Even after long downtimes of the vehicle, the battery is almost fully charged for the next operation.

Desulphation of batteries

Additionally, a desulphation system is installed in both chargers SLH 090 and SLT 100: Electric shocks to the battery dissolve the age-related sulphate sediments, thereby increasing the service life of the battery.

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