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Origins in Germany

The Jungheinrich Group of Hamburg celebrated its 60th Anniversary in 2013 (having formed in 1953). In contrast to the USA, the new efficiencies offered by materials handling techniques were only adopted by European industry after the Second World War. A prime mover behind this development was Dr-Ing. Friedrich Jungheinrich who established a small workshop in northern Germany in 1953 to explore the potential benefits offered by modern handling innovations.

From those humble beginnings employing just 30 staff and achieving a first year turnover of DM 2.5m (£1m), the Group, with its headquarters remaining in Hamburg, has developed to become the number 1 supplier of warehousing technology in Europe.

Jungheinrich group now has sales and service companies in 30 countries, dealer distribution networks all over the world including Australia, South Africa and China and has an international workforce of over 12,000 employees.

Early days in Britain

With considerable foresight, Jungheinrich's founder was the first industrial truck manufacturer who, in addition to branches throughout Germany, also began to develop a network of European subsidiaries.

In Britain, Jungheinrich UK Ltd's history goes back to 1963, initially registered as Jungheinrich (GB) Ltd, the fledgling company opened its first offices in Knowsley Street, Cheetham Hill, not far from Strangeways Prison in central Manchester. The initial team of five employees - armed with a single portable typewriter were soon hard at work and achieved a first year turnover of £50,000. In contrast, Jungheinrich UK Ltd now boasts a turnover of £175 million.

Jungheinrich has always led the field in electric warehouse trucks, setting new standards in internal logistics with a wide range of innovative developments. Principal amongst these was the launch in 1956 of the first reach truck with its retractable mast, a major step forward in increasing space utilisation in palletised warehouses and a field in which Jungheinrich remains a world leader.

Subsequent growth both organically and by acquisition - principally the purchase of Steinbock and Boss in 1994 with their emphasis on ic-engine forklifts - has seen the Group's portfolio increase to today's line-up which ranges from simple hand pallet trucks through all types of lift trucks (powered pallet trucks/stackers, counterbalance forklifts in both electric and ic-engine versions, reach trucks, order pickers, high rack stackers/order pickers) and on to the advanced systems supplied by the company's Projects Division.

Jungheinrich UK today

Our UK Head Office is located in Milton Keynes. This lies at the hub of an additional six strategically sited Customer Service Centres in Scotland (Cumbernauld), the North West (Warrington), the North East (Sheffield), The Midlands (Birmingham), the South West (Bristol) and in the South East (Dartford). Jungheinrich UK now offers the most comprehensive range of materials handling solutions and services available from a single source.

Jungheinrich today, celebrated its 50 year anniversary in the UK in 2013. This landmark helps highlight our wealth of experience at the forefront of materials handling solutions and, more than ever, instills the confidence we can find the perfect solution for any application.

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