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The only truck to better a Jungheinrich Refurbished is a new Jungheinrich truck.

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Jungheinrich are proud to be the only company to have a production line facility dedicated to refurbishing fork lift trucks.

From our Dresden operation, we produce an extensive range of meticulously re-engineered trucks which are, simply put, as good as new.

What this means to you is - no compromise on quality or technology for a great value truck - a truck which is more advanced and better equipped than most new trucks on the market.

Get used to the benefits of Jungheinrich ownership.

With access to Jungheinrich’s legendary 500 service engineers throughout the UK, there’s never been a better time to renew your interest in Jungheinrich’s premium fork-trucks. Make an appointment to see for yourself at a showroom near you. Jungheinrich Refurbished Trucks. Get used to Jungheinrich quality.

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