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Optimise your warehouse processes by integrating your material handling operations with your IT host system.

Logistics software solutions

At Jungheinrich we are industry leaders in providing fully automated turnkey warehouse solutions. We are experts in intralogistics and the material handling flow - and know our forklift trucks better than anyone - so, as a result, we have made innovating in the field of communication between trucks and IT systems a primary objective.

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Warehouse Management System (WMS)

The Jungheinrich WMS links and manages all the different areas of your warehouse, including goods inward, goods outward, reserve areas and picking areas. Your entire material flow is controlled and optimised.

Jungheinrich WMS is a flexible system too. It can be adjusted to your unique intralogistics operations by a set of parameters and settings that can be updated even whilst in use. Comprehensive reporting systems and evaluation options ensure full visibility for you at all times. The Jungheinrich WMS can be connected to many existing system environments via standard interfaces.

Forklift Guidance System

The 'forklift guidance system' module within our Jungheinrich WMS ensures the optimal route is selected every time increasing productivity, saving time, reducing energy consumption and eradicating traffic jams in and around racking aisles. Stacking, retrieval and picking tasks are assigned to the correct trucks through radio data transmission.

The Jungheinrich forklift guidance system will increase the efficiency of your warehouse.

Logistics Interface

The Jungheinrich Logistics Interface is middleware installed on a server or on a radio data terminal on a forklift truck. It provides data processing of all the connected systems and exchanges data with the Warehouse Management System (WMS).



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Warehouse Management System

Jungheinrich WMS combines the advantages of standard warehouse management software with the flexibility of custom software.


Forklift guidance system

Sophisticated algorithms control your fleet, exploit previously unused potential and optimise your internal logistics.


Logistics interface

Our in-house middleware enables simple integration of solutions into your existing IT system.



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