Automatic high-rack stackers

Automated Very Narrow Aisle Trucks

With Jungheinrich automated solutions you can reduce costs and increase productivity in your warehouse. The EKXa and ETXa are tri-lateral, high-rack stacking, Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) forklift trucks with automatic functions. Whether you choose our EKXa 'man-up' model or our ETXa 'man-down' model you will benefit from optimal performance from your VNA truck application.

With these solutions even a gradual automation of warehouse functions is possible. These trucks use the proven Jungheinrich EKX (man-up) and ETX (man-down) high-rack stacker truck models as the basic trucks for automatisation. Therefore you benefit from the many technical advantages already offered by these industry leading trucks and a straight-forward upgrade to an automated facility without redesigning your whole warehouse.

Automatic 'man-up' high-rack stacker (EKXa)

Use our innovative technology while retaining full flexibility.


Automatic 'man-down' high-rack stacker (ETXa)

Our ETXa will allow you to complete any application - with extremely high energy efficiency.


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