How do we optimise a warehouse?
It’s in our VNA!

Premium Very Narrow Aisle Trucks.

When your reach truck reaches its limits and you need to maximise use of space in your warehouse, Jungheinrich’s VNA trucks are the answer.
With narrow aisle operation and the ability to stack and pick at extreme heights, your business can now operate at ever higher levels of efficiency.

Reach Trucks v’s VNA Trucks.

How the VNA advantages stack up.

To fully realise how our VNA’s advantages stack up against a reach truck, takea look at our comparison guide. With man-up and man-down, manual, semi automaticand fully automated options Jungheinrich can get your business operating on the next level.

Compared to Reach Trucks, VNA have many advantages:

While reach trucks can achieve a huge amount with regards stacking and picking in restricted spaces, they cannot compete with VNA trucks which are designed and optimised to operate in a specific warehouse setup.

VNA can be designed for manual operation but often are semi-automatic and increasingly ‘fully-automated’ as technology moves towards less human intervention. A ‘man-down’ VNA truck has a rotating mast, making pallet retrieval easy and can operate in a wide variety of situations, including warehouses, loading bays and open areas. ‘A man-up’ VNA places the operator in a telescoping platform, enabling them to get close to the stacking and picking activity. These ‘man-up’ VNA are perfect for high density warehouse storage situations and often work with guidance systems built into the warehouse floor, making navigation simple and controllable.

Purchase or Rent?

Jungheinrich VNA on Flexible Rental.

We can offer our VNA trucks on flexible rental, for short term bridging or for extended periods of time.
For every VNA rental order, we’ll give you a free VNA truck model - while stocks last!

New trucks, Flexible Rental trucks and JUNGSTARS refurbished trucks

Combine our VNA options to build the most cost-effective fleet.

There are now even more options to put you in control of a Jungheinrich VNA fleet.

Let us work with you to plan your investment and advise on where a rental option or refurbished option would be more beneficial to your business and show you where savings can be made.

Try a Jungheinrich VNA truck

on Flexible Rental

A Jungheinrich VNA solution for you.

Manual, semi-automatic and fully automated.

See the advantages of each type of VNA truck below. Whatever you select for your operation, beassured that you can scale-up at any point in the trucks lifecycle.

Discover the EKX difference.

Our latest highly-efficient VNA Kombi

Whether it’s stacking and unstacking entire pallets or picking single items, the new ETX series provides a cost-effective solution, tailored to your precise needs. Benefit from state-of-the-art technologies and a host of options that will give you competitive advantage.

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How Jungheinrich’s Logistics Interface connects

all the elements of the High-Tech warehouse.

A Jungheinrich Warehouse Navigation case study:

One of the world’s leading logistics service suppliers, CEVA Logistics, specialise in the design, implementation and operation of complex logistics solutions.

The task for Jungheinrich
• Increase logistic system’s efficiency without changing the warehouse system or WMS
• Maintain the very low error rates
• Achieve a standard driver productivity level
• Alleviate driver stress

EKX high rack stacker with warehouse navigation RFID transponders in the ground continually supply the trucks with location details. Stacking/retrieval orders received from the WMS are sent via the logistic interface on the truck terminal directly to the truck controller. This means the truck knows the exact position to approach. The driver only has to give the travel and lift commands. The truck approaches the required pallet location to the precise millimetre, performs the stacking/retrieval operations and then confirms the various control stages to the WMS. Fully automatically!

Key benefits
• Greater productivity throughout the entire logistic system
• Very high level of process safety with low error rates
• Easy integration
• Improved driver ergonomics matched by greater overall system robustness

“My drivers are ‘guided’ through the processes by the warehouse navigation. As a result they are more relaxed while at the same time achieving a consistently high throughput. The pinpoint soft positioning spares both rack and goods. We didn’t have to make any changes to the existing warehouse or software systems. The Jungheinrich team implemented the whole system in a highly professional manner”.

Robert Gruber, Contract Manager at CEVA Logistics, Niederaichbach

See for yourself how our warehouse navigation has transformed more client warehouses:

Discover the advantages of Jungheinrich’s

Warehouse Navigation system:

Read how Jungheinrich’s Warehouse Navigation system could transform your warehouse and increase your efficiency.

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Warehouse Navigation Brochure

Our Energy expertise:
The positives just keep stacking up for a major online retailer.

Jungheinrich recently received a major order for more than 1,000 lithium-ion vehicles, the largest order ever awarded for vehicles fitted with lithium-ion batteries anywhere in the world - and the largest vehicle order volume in the company’s history. The global online retailer will employ these vehicles over the coming months in warehouses and distribution centres in Great Britain, France, Italy and Germany.More than 700 of these trucks will be VNA products operating in narrow aisle warehouses.

Steve Richmond, Director, Logistics Systems, Jungheinrich UK, says “Jungheinrich has worked hard to ensure that it responds to customer demand for more efficient and economical solutions and lithium-ion technology has played a huge part in that response. It’s great to see that our work has continued to see increased global demand as a result, and this order demonstrates the confidence our customers have in Jungheinrich’s ability to produce solutions that save time, money and resources, while improving health and safety.”

In comparison with conventional lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion technology results in a substantial increase in performance. Produced at the Jungheinrich plant in Norderstedt, Germany, the batteries can communicate with the vehicle as well as the charging device.

In addition to high performance, the advantages of lithium-ion technology include faster charging times,zero maintenance and a particularly long product life. The fast and short interim charging times enable the virtually continuous operation of fleets on a 24/7 basis. Not only is there no longer any need for time-consuming battery changes but since neither gases nor acid are emitted by lithium-ion batteries,special charging stations equipped with expensive exhaust systems are no longer necessary.

Jungheinrich VNA energy savings

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